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xvelouria's Journal

24 April 1986
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Two bees behind the curtain. We're certain we'll find our way outside. We'll climb the window and when it seems we've never got so high, we'll slide. Those depths we've never met before. I'm tired - I guess you feel the same. We'll try it once again. But we'll slide. Now take your coat and leave the room, ensuring you've locked us safely in. On no account should you assist us. We're desperate. We slide...
across the universe, acrylics, adventures, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, anarchism, animal rights, asheville, bicycles, bioluminescence, blogs, blonde redhead, blow-up prom dates, blue ridge parkway, boys kissing, brave new world, bret easton ellis, brian slade, bright eyes, california, camera obscura, cats, cello, charleston, christmas lights, classic literature, clove cigarettes, club kids, connie and carla, consignment shopping, cooking, costumes, dandy warhols, david bowie, design, dj keoki, donnie darko, dostoevsky, drag queens, dreaming, dresden dolls, drums, edward ka-spel, fashion, firefly, gabriel garcia marquez, gardening, glam rock, glitter, good beer, green, gus mueller, haruki murakami, hats, hawaii, hippos, i heart huckabees, impulses, james st. james, john cameron mitchell, jonathan rhys-meyers, kinderwhore, leaf, learning, legendary pink dots, lou reed, love, macaulay culkin, makeup, making collages, marimbas, milemarker, minneapolis, morton's list, moths, mountains, mr. bt, mushrooms, mysteries, neon genesis evangelion, nutrition, old gunn church, online journals, operation ivy, oregon, painting, party monster, petticoats, photography, photoshop, pinback, pixies, playing dress-up, pot, rasputina, reading, red tide, rilo kiley, road trips, rocky horror picture show, rollerskates, russia, san diego, sex, shortbus, sociology, spring, steampunk, strawberry switchblade, summer, swimming, the bahamas, the cure, the environment, the forties, the ocean, the postal service, thrift stores, trails, travel, tub time, unschooling, vegan food, veganism, velvet goldmine, vintage clothing, vintage dresses, wigs, wine, winter, writing


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